LoveSwans vs MatchTruly: Full Comparison

Both LoveSwans and MatchTruly are the leaders of the dating industry. Both of them are extremely popular, and if you’re looking for a Slavic dating website, you’ll probably have to choose between these two. We’ll help you make the choice!

Safety, features, prices

A good dating site must be safe, it must offer lots of free and paid features, and it mustn’t be too expensive. Let’s talk about safety, functions, and pricing policies of these two websites — these are the most important factors to consider when choosing a dating service, and we are sure that this short review will help you make your decision. Let’s start!


MatchTruly is a 100% safe dating site. All the female profiles are real and verified — so this is one of those scam-free dating services. Everything is fine with the technical aspect of safety — MatchTruly is completely free of viruses and malware, so you shouldn’t worry about your personal and financial information here. It’s safe.

LoveSwans is as safe as MatchTruly. 100% of the female profiles are verified by ID, so you’ll see no scammers or fake accounts on this website. LoveSwans also uses the latest SSL encryption technology, so it’s another 100% safe dating site.

Communication methods, search tools

There are two types of search on MatchTruly — simple and advanced. Simple search means that there is only one search filter (age), while advanced search allows using dozens of them — you can search by country, city, education, religion, a relationship goal, etc. The number of messaging tools is quite good here — you can use live chat, send emails and winks, and of course, video and audio calls. Sending “winks” is free, while all the other features are fee-based.

The number of search filters on LoveSwans is as high as on MatchTruly — you can find women upon nationality, age, religion, education, marital status, etc. The number of messaging tools is also very good — emails, instant messages, video calls (CamShare), and phone calls are available.


We understand that you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on dating websites. Lucky you, you don’t have to — both of these websites have very reasonable prices. Let’s talk about it.

MatchTruly prices

  • 20 credits cost $10.
  • 50 credits cost $29.
  • 125 credits cost $65.

Here’s what you can spend your credits on:

  • Live chat costs 2 credits/minute.
  • First email costs 10 credits.
  • Subsequent emails cost 30 credits.
  • Viewing a video costs 25 credits.
  • Requesting a date costs 625 credits.

LoveSwans prices

  • 20 credits cost $15.
  • 45 credits cost $30.
  • 85 credits cost $50.
  • 180 credits cost $99.
  • 300 credits cost $149.
  • 550 credits cost $250.
  • 1250 credits cost $499.

Here’s what you can spend your credits on:

    • Live chat costs 2 credits per minute.
    • Sending and reading an email costs 6 credits.
    • Sending or viewing a video message costs 8 credits.

As you can see, LoveSwans is cheaper than MatchTruly. Thus, sending one message costs much cheaper for LoveSwans users. For instance, if you buy the most expensive package on MatchTruly (125 credits for $65), 1 credit will cost $0.52 (65/125), so 1 message will cost $5.2 (0.52*10). If you buy the most expensive package on LoveSwans, ($499 for 1250 credits), 1 credit will cost $0.39 (499/1250), so sending 1 message will only cost $2.39 (0.39*6).

Which one to choose?

Both of these websites offer high quality services, and none of them will disappoint you. However, there is one problem with MatchTruly — and the problem is its price. Sending one message is more than twice cheaper for LoveSwans users — so we can do nothing but recommend LoveSwans. Both of these sites are great, but LoveSwans definitely has a better quality-price ratio.